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MASCOT has come a long way since its inception in 1975 when we acquired the agency of P-D REFRACTORIES (formerly VGT-DYKO) Germany, the largest global manufacturer of silica and bonded refractory materials.

Tie ups were subsequently initiated with reputed technology providers including machinery and equipment resulting in agreements with SORG and its subsidiary EME to represent their interests in India.

Liberalization of the economy in 1991 provided a further boost to operations as Indian entrepreneurs sought to upgrade their glass plants and import the latest technology.

Today we have the most reputed principals from Germany and other European countries, some of who have been in the business of supplying know-how and equipments for more than 100 years.

Over the years, quality of service to our clients has always been paramount. That’s why Mascot has consistently been selective in choosing principals.

Mascot’s Principals:

  • SORG (Germany)

    Glass Melting Technology & Equipment for Furnaces & Forehearth Systems

  • EME (Germany)

    A SORG group company for Batch & Cullet Treatment plants

  • P-D Refractories (Germany)

    The largest manufacturers of silica in the western world. Also manufacturers of Bonded Refractories & Feeder Expendables (Orifice, Plunger, Tubes & Spouts) - Group Comprises DYKO, DR. C. OTTO, WETRO & MSLZ.

  • Guangzhou LING NAN REFRACTORY Co. Ltd.

    Group company of PD-Refractories - Procucing electro-fused and isostatically presses refractory products.


    Optical Inspection System for the automatic inspection and sorting of round and moulded articles made of clear, coloured and opal glass.

  • ACCURAMECH (India) Saint-Gobain Group Company

    Manufactures & Develops Spares, Assemblies & Mechanisms for IS Machines

  • PENNEKAMP (Germany)

    The largest manufacturer of Annealing, Decorating & Tempering Lehrs, Cross Conveyors, Stackers & Ware Transfers

  • IMACA (Netherlands)

    Manufacturer of Hot & Cold End Coatings, Equipments & Chemicals

  • ROSARIO (Netherlands)

    Manufacturers of Screen Printing, Palletizers, Packing & Inspection Machines

  • AMBEG (Germany)

    Machines for forming Vials, Syringes, Cartridges, Tubes & Laboratory Wares


    Plasma Transfer Arc (PTA) welding machines and consumables

  • FASTNER (Germany)

    Manufacturers of Acid and Basic Pots & Osmosis Clay